15 May

Mini bagel with soy burger

 Ingredients for bagels (about 15):

 - 150g of manitoba flour

-  400g of 00 flour

-  250 ml of warm milk

- 10g of butter

 - 50 ml of water

 - 1 egg white

 - 15g of brewer's yeast

 - 25g of sugar

 - 8g of salt

 - 1 yolk

 - 3 spoons of milk

 - toasted sesame seeds Cerreto to taste

- salt water for boiling

Ingredients for 1 burger:

- 80g of Cerreto soy bites

 - breadcrumbs to taste

 - dried tomatoes Cerreto to taste

- parsley to taste

- salt to taste.

Prepare the bagels:

Heat the milk until it becomes hot but not boiling, add the butter and melt it. Add the sugar and mix, when the mixture is slightly warm add the brewer's yeast and mix making it dissolve. Now add the two flours and mix a little. When the dough is still a bit "crumb" add the salt and egg white and continue to knead until an elastic dough is obtained, but which does not stick to the hands. Put the dough in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Leave to rest until the dough is doubled (about 3 hours). Once leavened, divide the dough into pieces of about 65/70 g each. Make balls and put them on a floured cutting board and let rise for another 15 minutes. With a floured finger, create a hole in the center of each sphere and gently spread it with your hands forming a donut. Put the bagels to rise on a sheet of baking paper until doubled, covered with cling film. Boil the water as soon as it boils, lower the heat. Cut the parchment paper into squares so that each bagel has its parchment paper underneath. Gently lay a maximum of one or two bagels in the boiling water, directly with the parchment paper underneath. Let them cook for 10/15 seconds on each side (with a kitchen tongs remove the parchment paper from the pot) and then drain and lay them on the parchment paper again. Turn on the oven at 200 ° C, take back the bagels, put them in a pan covered with parchment paper, brush them with the yolk beaten with the milk and immediately sprinkle with sesame seeds. Put in the oven and cook for about 20/25 minutes. Keep the cooking under control, when the surface is golden, they are ready.

Prepare the burgers:

Rehydrate the soy morsels by leaving them for about 20 minutes in hot water, drain and press them to remove excess water. Chop them and add the small cut dried tomatoes, the parsley, a pinch of salt, as much breadcrumbs as needed to compact everything. Give the classic burger shape, cut two squares of parchment paper to put on and under the burger. Cook in a non-stick pan.


Take a bagel, cut it in half and stuff it with the burger and season to taste (for example with a veil of Greek yogurt, salad and fresh tomato).