26 July

Pancake with turmeric and cinnamon

Tasty gluten-free pancakes made from chickpea flour and chestnut flour.

  • 15g chestnut flour Cerreto
  • 15g chickpea flour Cerreto
  • 50g of egg white
  •  saffron q.s.
  •  turmeric Cerreto q.s.
  •  cinnamon Cerreto (grated) q.s.
  •  1 orange (rind)
  •  1 packet of baking powder (or baking soda and lemon)
  •  50g of water
  •  fruit to taste for garnish

Mix all the ingredients with a whisk making sure not to form lumps. Cook the dough in a pancake pan (alternatively use a non-stick frying pan from eggs or put a ladle of dough in a non-stick pan and spread it out forming small circles). Once cooked, let them cool and assemble the cake alternating the mini pancakes with yogurt slightly elongated with water to make it more fluid. Complete with fruit to taste.

Enjoy your meal!