Organic Ginger Powder

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Organic Ginger Powder
Ginger has a lemony scent and a refreshing, pungent, almost spicy flavour. It is very popular in the kitchen and has many medicinal properties. Particularly suitable for flavouring broths, soups and risottos, sprinkled on top when cooking, it is ideal for making biscuits, cakes and creams.

Organic ginger powder.


It may contain traces of: soy, sesame and celery.

Did you know...

Ginger, also known as ginger, is native to India and has been known and used in Europe for several centuries. This small plant, which reaches a maximum height of one metre, is a zingiberacea like cardamom and grows in tropical areas of Africa, America and Asia. Spicy and aromatic, ginger has notes reminiscent of lemon, wood and earth.