Herbes de Provence

30 g (1,05 OZ)

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Herbes de Provence
Mix of herbs with an intense aroma that goes well with many gastronomic varieties. Provence, the southern region of France, is a land particularly generous with aromatic herbs, which are skilfully combined with dishes and foods of all types and tastes: from white and red meat, to fresh and creamy cheeses, to fish.

Thyme*, Rosemary*, Oregano*, Sage*, Marjoram*, Laurel*, Juniper*, Fennel seeds*, Parsley*. *Organic


It may contain traces of: soy, sesame and celery.

Did you know...

Herbes de Provence (or herbs from Provence) are a mixture of dried herbs, created in Provence (a region in the south of France) in the 1970s.