Organic 5 Grains Mix


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Organic 5 Grains Mix
Our Organic 5 Grains Mix is a perfect combination of 100% organic grains, carefully selected to bring you a concentrate of wellness, authenticity and taste. This mix combines the unique nutritional qualities of spelt, barley, brown rice, wheat and oats to create a complete and balanced meal, rich in vitamin, mineral, fiber, protein and complex carbohydrate. Extremely versatile, it can be used from soups to salads, side dishes to main dishes. Being precooked, the cereal cooks in just 10 minutes, offering a quick and healthy solution for meals on even the busiest of days!
Preparation and cooking

Prepare the 5 Grains Mix by first rinsing it under running water. Drain it and cook it in water (double the volume of Mix 5 Cereals) with a pinch of salt and a tbsp of oil, for 10-12 minutes after boiling. Once ready, the grains will be tender and tasty, ready to be seasoned as you like.


Precooked spelt*, precooked barley*, precooked brown rice*,

precooked wheat*, precooked oats*. *Organic



Contains gluten.

It may contain traces of: soy, sesame seeds and celery.

Packaged in protective atmosphere.

Nutrition facts

  • Energy 1516 kJ (358 kcal)
  • Fats: 2,6g (of which saturated fats: 0,4g)
  • Carbohydrates: 72g (di cui zuccheri: 1,4g)
  • Fibre: 6,4g
  • Protein: 9,9g
  • Salt: 0,01g

An extra advice:
The 5 Grains Mix cooks in just 10 minutes!

You can use it as a base to make colorful salads and bowls by adding seasonal vegetables, legumes, seeds and anything else your imagination suggests. By cooking the whole package, you can portion the grains for multiple meals throughout the week or freeze them when cooked so they are always ready at hand.