Organic Fennel Seeds

125 g (4,40 OZ)

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Organic Fennel Seeds
Fennel seeds are ideal to enrich broths or fish soups, sauces, meats, cakes, bread, desserts and tea. Balsamic and very fragrant, these seeds give a unique scent to any dish!

Organic fennel seeds.


It may contain traces of: soy, sesame and celery.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts per 100g:

  • Energy: 1335 kJ (322 kcal),
  • Fat: 12,6g (saturated: 2,5g),
  • Carbohydrated: 17,4g (sugar: 2,7g),
  • Fiber: 34,4g,
  • Protein: 17,5g,
  • Salt: 0,5g.
  • Did you know...

    Fennel seeds have a similar taste to anise seeds, but less sweet and more adaptable. They are considered a spice used to enrich the flavour of lots of dishes and as an ingredient in homemade preparation of bread, crackers and breadsticks. They are excellent also to garnish bretzel or for the preparation of infusions.