Organic Granular Soybeans

150 g (5,29 OZ)

This product is currently not available but will soon be in assortment.

Organic Granular Soybeans
Granulated soya is delicious for making burgers, meatballs and vegetable ragouts. It is also perfect for replacing minced meat.
Preparation and cooking

Rehydrate the granulated soya by leaving it in hot water for about 10 minutes. Drain and press to remove excess water before use.


It may contain traces of: sesame e celery.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts per 100g:
Energy : 1475 kJ (352 kcal),
Fat: 7,1g (saturated: 1,2g),
Carbohydrated: 12,3g (sugar: 3,9g),
Fiber: 20,4g,
Protein: 49,4g,
Salt: 0,02g.

Organic Granular Soybeans