Organic Granular Vegetable Broth

150 g (5,29 OZ)

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Organic Granular Vegetable Broth
Vegetable stock is a basic ingredient for preparing a thousand recipes. Prepared with simple and selected ingredients, glutamate-free, it is the perfect solution to prepare in a very short time a delicate broth able to enhance the flavour of risottos, soups and stews. Ideal for seasoning main courses, vegetables and sauces: an irreplaceable ally in the kitchen!
Preparation and cooking

Dissolve 10 g of granulated vegetable broth (about one tbs) in ½ litre of boiling water and stir until completely dissolved.


Salt, Corn starch *, Dehydrated * vegetables in variable proportions (onion *, celery *, carrot *, leek *, parsley *), Rice flour *, Miso * (soy *, rice *, water, salt, koji) , Dehydrated rice syrup *, Yeast extract, Spices *. *Organic


It may contain traces of: sesame.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts per 100ml of broth (10g in 500ml of water):
Energy: 15 kJ (5 kcal),
Fat: 0,02g (saturated: 0,0g),
Carbohydrated: 0,72g (sugar: 0,24g),
Fiber: 0,07g,
Protein: 0,10g,
Salt: 1,03g.