Organic Mix for "Pasta all'Arrabbiata"

100 g (3,52 OZ)

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Organic Mix for "Pasta all'Arrabbiata"
Organic mix for "pasta all'arrabbiata" allows you to prepare delicious sauces in just a few minutes! It can be used to season pasta, season meat or make tasty bruschetta. It's always ready to use and reduces waste (no garlic sprouting in the fridge or jars of capers you can't remember when you opened them!).
Preparation and cooking

Before using the preparation, heat it for a few seconds in a frying pan with oil if you want to use it to season pasta, or add it to your sauces while cooking. Stir the bag well before use.


Garlic*(sulfites), Capers*, Chilli*, Tomato*, Onion*(sulfites), Parsley*, Salt.



It may contain traces of: soy, sesame e celery.