Organic Golden Milk / Drink

120 g (4,23 OZ)

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Organic Golden Milk / Drink
Golden Milk is perfect for a balanced and nutritious breakfast. The combination of dates, turmeric and black pepper not only makes this drink a natural anti-inflammatory and gives you energy, but also helps to stimulate the immune system and lower cholesterol. Try it with grated lemon peel for an even more intense flavour!
Preparation and cooking

For 1 litre of drink (keep the prepared drink in the fridge for no more than 3 days, shake well before consumption):


  • 1 package of mix
  • 1 litre of milk or vegetable drink.

    blend the entire contents of the packet for 2/3 minutes, adding about half a glass of milk or vegetable drink (alternatively you can use 750 ml of water), add the remaining liquid and blend for a few seconds until the drink is smooth and creamy. Add more milk to taste to adjust the density."

  • Ingredients

    Hemp*, Dates*, Turmeric*, Lemon*, Black pepper*. *Organic.


    It may contain traces of: soy, celery and sesame.

    Nutrition facts

    Nutrition facts per 100g:
    Energy: 2181 kJ (525 kcal),
    Fat: 36,4g (saturated: 3,70g),
    Carbohydrates: 24,3g (sugar: 20,9g),
    Fiber: 6,2g,
    Protein: 21,9g,
    Salt: 0,17g.