Organic Vegan Burger with Seaweed

160 g (5,64 OZ)

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Organic Vegan Burger with Seaweed
With the preparation for Veg Burger with Algae you can prepare delicious vegetable burgers or tasty meatballs. Quick and easy to prepare, it is made from a mixture of high-quality raw materials, combined to produce a delicious product with optimal consistency.
Preparation and cooking

Prepare your veg burgers by pouring the entire contents of the bag into a bowl, add 200 ml water, a tsp of EVO oil, knead and leave to rest for at least 10 minutes. Shape 4 burgers with a diameter of about 7/8 cm or 8 patties.

You can cook them in two ways (the uncooked dough should be stored in a closed container in the fridge for no longer than 3 days):

Pan cooking: fry the veg burgers in hot seed oil for 4 minutes on each side. Dry them with paper towels and serve hot.
Baking: bake in a preheated oven at 200°C for about 20 minutes, turning the burgers halfway through.


Granular soy*,Grated corn*, Tomaotes*, Quinoa*, Millet*, Buckwheat*, Gomasio (sesame*, salt), Seaweed* (Wakame-Undaria Pinnatifida, Dulse-Palmaria Palmata) 3%, Capers*, Carrot*, Ginger*, Parsley*, Garlic*. *Organic.


It may contain traces of: celery, molluscs, crustaceans, fish, milk, peanuts and nuts.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts per 100g:
Energy: 1553 kJ (368 kcal),
Fat: 6,8g (saturated: 1,10g),
Carbohydrates: 47,9g (sugar: 5,7g),
Fiber: 8,0g,
Protein: 24,5g,
Salt: 2,8g.