Large Scale Retailers

Over the years, Cerreto has consolidated a strong presence in sales outlets in the large-scale retail trade.

All our products are plant-based and do not contain any additives, flavourings or colourings. They are sold with packaging that allows us to enhance the quality features of our products.

The range of products offered is extensive and “flexible” according to the different sales periods throughout the year, with a specific offer aimed at meeting the needs of our customers, focusing especially on a highly acknowledged gastronomy, the renowned “MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE”.

From a trade-related point of view, Cerreto has adopted a winning sales concept, thanks to a layout offering an attractive, qualifying and easily recognisable selection of food products. The layout can be changed according to specific requirements and effectively integrated with each display space available.

Moreover, we support the sale of products also in accordance with the needs of individual sales outlets, especially thanks to our services: merchandising, display stands, promotional activities, special packaging, marketing activities, and customer loyalty.

The company’s sales network covers the entire country and, over the last few years, sales activities have also been developed abroad.


Cerreto merchandising ensures coverage throughout the entire country with continuously updated and monitored staff. Each merchandiser is able to manage, in the best possible way, all the data regarding the display space available, the range and the environmental context in which each sales outlet is located.

Hence, the merchandiser is in charge of re-ordering the products missing from shelves (as agreed with the department manager) and of product loading. Another crucial activity for the merchandiser involves monitoring the suitability of the packs, as well as expiration dates and display space cleaning. The merchandiser’s tasks therefore provide an unparalleled support to the increasingly hectic activities carried out by the staff at sales outlets.

The merchandiser promptly receives all the information updates concerning these activities and periodically sends the receipts that certify the precise frequency of supplies to the sales outlets concerned. All this is aimed at creating the preconditions that allow both Cerreto and customers to achieve maximum results in terms of both profitability and consumer satisfaction.